The CASA MANÍ comes full of novelties and innovation in the market of cassava and its derivatives such as cassava starch hydrated and vacuum packed

The beiju, biju or tapioca is a typical Brazilian delicacy, of indigenous origin, made with starch extracted from cassava. The tapioca is typical of the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, but has been conquering other regions of the country and the world due to its nutritional properties and the many ways of being consumed. It Earned innovations and awakened the creativity of those seeking a healthy and balanced diet.



The ready dough for tapioca TAPIOCANDO A VIDA is a 100% natural:
- Zero gluten: ideal source of carbohydrates for celiacs and athletes, because it has rapid absorption;
- Zero fat: ideal for those who always seeks a free supply of fats;
- Zero sodium: excessive consumption of salt is the most influential factor for high blood pressure;
- Zero sugar: ideal for those seeking lower daily sugar consumption;
- Zero preservatives: a vacuum packaging allows the exclusion of the use of preservatives;
- GMO Free: Genetically Modified - The TAPIOCANDO A VIDA does not use genetically modified raw materials!



The process consists of removing the air / oxygen from the packaging, resource used in several areas of food to preserve food. This type of packaging has the following advantages:

1. It increases the product's shelf life - The Tapiocando a Vida is valid for one year;

2. It ensures exceptional conservation standards - The best conservation allows the product to keep the qualities and characteristics, reducing waste;

3. Prevents dehydration superficial of the product - Tapiocando a Vida is always with the ideal humidity for the preparation of tapioca;

4. Strong barrier the aromas - Our product is odor-free;

5. Withstands handling requests and transportation - the differential packing in boxes, also facilitating the display of the product.

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